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Oh Kurhi (in as Singer) Kande (in as Singer) Subedar Joginder Singh (in as Singer) Tere Naal (in as Singer) Naina (in as Singer) Mehboob (in as Singer) Lohri Yaaran Di 2018 (in as Singer) Akhiyan (in as Singer) Aa Chak 2018 (in as Singer) The Iconic - Rajesh Khanna (in as Starring) Neele Nain (in as Singer) Yaar Sohna (in as Singer) Tera Fan (in as Singer) Hawawan (in as Singer) Neele Nain (Blue Eyes) (in as Singer) Man Aai (in as Singer, Starring) Yaar Sohna (in as Singer) Jugni Hath Kise Na Auni (in as Singer) Punnyan Di Raat (in as Singer) Jogi (Recreate) (in as Singer, Starring) Forever Mohammed Rafi - Sentimental (in as Starring) Golden Jubilee Star - Rajendra Kumar (in as Starring) The Magnificent Mukesh - Romantic (in as Starring) Mushkil Bada Yeh Pyar (Romantic Love Collection) (in as Starring) Musically Yours - Kalyanji (in as Starring) Krazzy Tabbar (in as Singer) Great Sardaar (in as Singer) Versatile Actress - Nargis (in as Starring) Safarnama - Guru Dutt (in as Starring) Safarnama - Rajesh Khanna (in as Starring) Jaan (in as Singer) Shagird - K.L. Saigal and Mukesh (in as Starring) Att (in as Singer, Starring) Tea Time with Kumar Sanu Melodious Songs Collection (in as Starring) Ek Cup Sukoon (in as Starring)

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