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Dream (in as Music) Bindrakhia Tribute (in as Singer, Music, Label) Shades (in as Singer, Music, Label) Raashiyan (in as Music) Matching (in as Singer, Music) Dabke (in as Music) Nazare (in as Music) Tareek (in as Music) Lakh Laahnta (in as Music, Label) 12 Vise (in as Music) 3 Peg and Label Black (in as Singer) Sardari Touch (in as Music) 8 Foot (in as Music) Hanju (in as Music) Vaaraan Teriyan (in as Singer, Music, Label) Rus Ke (in as Singer, Lyricist, Music) 3 Peg-label Black (in as Singer, Starring, Music) Shagana Di Selfie (in as Music) Munda Pyaar Karda (in as Music) Dil Ki Diwali Remix Mashup (in as Music) Pyar Sohneya (in as Music) Jutti Jimmy Choo (in as Singer, Music) Khabraan (in as Singer, Music) Jugni Hath Kise Na Auni (in as Music) Gurhdee Neendey (in as Lyricist) Dil Vich Tu (in as Music) Nukri (in as Music) Naal Tere Hova (in as Music) Engine Te Bhangra (in as Singer, Music) Khyaal (in as Music) Jodiyaan (in as Music) Punjabi Tadka Hits (in as Singer, Starring, Music) Jatt Kamla (in as Music) Gulab Mil Gya (in as Singer, Music) Jatt Di Queen (in as Singer, Starring, Music)

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