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PB 11 VS Chandigarh (in as Music) Kinna Pyar (in as Music) Bebe Bapu (in as Music) Daana Paani (in as Music) Akhan Ch Barood (in as Music) Daana Pani (in as Music) Jutti Da Khadaka (in as Music) Salamiya (in as Music) 14 Feb vs. 31 March (in as Music) Ziddi Jatt (in as Music) Mohabbat (in as Music) Muchh Yaar Di Shaan (in as Music) Living The Dream (in as Singer) Media (in as Music) Oxford (in as Singer) Gabru (in as Singer) Vela (in as Music) Jhalla (in as Singer) Endless Dream (in as Lyricist)

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